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Tinnitus Cure 2018 – See How THIS These 3 Japanese Foods Cure Tinnitus In Just 5 Minutes

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she wakes ringing she takes the kids toschool she works late she heats bringingexhausted she sleeps but the ringingnever sleeps the screaming monsterwaiting to repeat it all again tomorrowshe tries to ignore it she tries todrown it out she tries the medicationsnothing worksthe doctors don't care she feelshopeless for my wife Joe she is aprisoner of tinnitus a kind lovingmother who wouldn't hurt a flygiven a life sentence over ten years agowith no chance of release no chance ofescape no chance of even one second afleeting moment of relaxation stuckforever with the ringing noisetonight's the most cruel torture she wasgonna be chained to the screamingmonster for the rest of her life shelooked up at me and with tears flowingdown her cheeks she uttered the fivewords I don't think I'll ever forget Ican't live like this she said I've neverfelt so helpless all my life I was angryat the doctors ents and audiologist whofor 10 years had done practicallynothing angry at God for letting thishappen to the woman I loved angry atmyself for not being able to do anythingto help all I wanted to do was to makeher betterbut I couldn't I didn't know how my wifewas trapped in a never-ending wakingnightmare and there was nothing I coulddo to stop it so why am i sharing thestory with you todaywell because although I didn't know itat the time that traumatic day in thedoctor's office would set me on the pathto a life-changing discovery a secretthat would unlock the real cause oftinnitus hidden from you by a corruptand twisted corporate machine hell-benton profiting from your pain and miseryyou see despite what you've been toldyour tinnitus has nothing to do withyour ears at all but is instead all downto a special type of nerve fat whichevery tinnitus sufferer is in shortsupply of and right now is being rapidlyand ruthlessly destroyed by your ownbody this catastrophic process has notonly been shown to cause tinnitus andtrigger a gradual or even sudden surgein the volume and intensity of yoursymptoms at any moment but according tothe breakthrough research published inthe Internettinnitus journal could also result inthe death of every brain cells you havemeaning before long you may not be ableto address yourself feed yourself or goto the bathroom without health or evenrecognize your own family the good newsis thanks to a remarkable new study byscientists at the University ofLeicester England together with thethree simple foods eaten by the peopleof this remote Japanese island forcenturiesyou can now repair and regenerate thisessential nerve fat which will finallyenable you to put an end to the hiddentorture of tinnitus and achieve thepeace and quiet you crave free from thestress anxiety frustration and fearyou've been feeling for so long and allwhile improving your hearing and placinga shield of armor around your brain soand the best part is it's easier thanyou've ever imagined this stunningmedical breakthrough which has proven totreat even the worst cases of tinnitusnot only hushed the persistent ringingin my wife's head but it did it in just21 days allowing her to enjoy a level ofblissful peace tranquility and quietrelaxation she had an experience in overa decadesupported by countless medical studiesfrom around the world this shockinglysimple secret of silence which up untilrecently was known to only a handful ofpeople has now been used successfully byalmost 50,000 men women and childrenaround the globe including war veteransworld-famous musicians internationalbusiness leaders and even Hollywoodcelebrities and is scientifically provento work for you whether you're male orfemale young or old have beenexperiencing tinnitus for days months oryears have tried every single treatmentunder the Sun and whether you've beentold your tinnitus was caused by loudnoises ear trauma head injury medicationinfection or the aging process oranything else know if you're a littleskeptical about all this I completelyunderstand I'd be skeptical too if Ihadn't witnessed the remarkable changein Joe's symptoms and quality of lifefirsthand not to mention theextraordinary excess stories I've heardfrom tens of thousands of people aroundthe world so if you are a little unsureI'll be including all the research thatproves everything I'm saying throughoutthis presentationanytime I share a tinnitus related factwith you today you'll see a number atthe end of the sentence representing ascientific study paper or researcharticlebacking it up but before I reveal anymore I urge you to watch thiscontroversial presentation until thevery end while you still canin recent years the tinnitus treatmentmarket has exploded into a ten billiondollar industry despite the fact thatnot a single one of these treatments hasbeen able to successfully stop itshockingly the company's growing wealthyfrom your continued suffering are doingnothing to silence your tinnitus but areinstead doing everything they can tosilence me to keep this natural remedyout of your grasp in a selfish attemptto protect their profits right now Iurge you to pay close attention becauseas you'll discover in just a second timeis running outso if tinnitus is affecting youreveryday life relationships career andyour ability to enjoy the things youused to love if you've had enough ofspending money on expensive treatmentsor drugs that consistently fail toprovide the long-term peace and quietyou crave if you're fed up of only beingable to distract your brain fromtinnitus instead of actually fixing theproblem if you're sick and tired ofhaving no control over the noise in yourhead and never knowing how it'll be fromone day to the next if you're worriedthat your symptoms might suddenly getworse and there's absolutely nothing youcan do to stop it and if you want ascientifically proven way to tackle theroot cause of tinnitus escape the lifesentence of escalating torture andfinally enjoy the sweet relief ofsilence in as little as 21 days thenstay right where you are and listen toevery single word of this presentationbecause I promise you you can do it withnothing more than this delicioussmoothie yep it really is that simple inthe next few minutes I'm going to revealthe three miracle ingredients that gointo this tinnitus silencing smoothiefound on a tiny barely populated island6,000 miles from home as well as thebizarre story of how I came to stumbleupon them a discovery which has alreadytransformed the lives of tens ofthousands of people people like MarilynCollins my name is Marilyn Collins Ilive in South Burlington Vermont and I'ma nurse I was diagnosed with tinnitusaround I think about eight years agoyeah it just seemed to come out of theblue and it was absolutely horrible itwas like you know when when you're at asupermarket and a guy is dragging 30shopping carts behind him right it wasjust like that I'd have to say like aneight or a nine like most of the time onmy best days probably a three or fourthat was pretty bad was always there andand if I got stressed or tired whichhappened a lot working in a hospital itwould it would always get worse whichyou know then just made me obsessedabout sleep that I needed to sleep wellor my tinnitus would get even louder andthen those thoughts obviously made memore anxious which made me stressedwhich made the tinnitus worse so Icouldn't sleep you know it was just likethis vicious cycle I just I got so tiredI couldn't concentrate at work mymarriage suffered a lot and I was sofrustrated and angry I would snap at mykids which just made me feel absolutelyawfuland I felt like I was trapped and allthe doctors said there was nothing theycould do I just have to deal with it andso that's what I believed to till Iheard about this treatment that was likenight and day you know within say likethree or four weeks that that rattlingcart sound was practically gone I justcouldn't believe the difference and itwas just so easy waking up in themorning and being able to you know hearthe birds singing or listen to mydaughter tell me about her day talk tomy mom over the phone things like thatand not to have those momentsconstantly ruined by tinnitus it waslike better than winning the lotteryit's just a dream come trueliterally okay I'm going to reveal theidentity of the little known nerve fat Imentioned earlier the real hiddenculprit behind your suffering and showyou the scientific evidence which provesbeyond all doubt how it holds the key tofinally unlocking the door to a lifewithout tinnitus but before we get tothat let me introduce myself properly himy name is Todd Carson I'm 52 years oldand I'm a retired military policeofficer having served in the US AirForce Army and Marines for more than twodecades my job has always been toprotect my country and as a husband andfather it is to protect my familyand I felt I'd gotten pretty good at itbut when 10 years ago my wife Joedeveloped tinnitus well this wassomething different altogether this wasan enemy that I didn't know how to fightan enemy I couldn't see hear or evenunderstand I tried to do everything Icould to help Joe gain some kind ofcontrol over the noise but for the firsttime in my life I felt hopeless uselessseeing her being tormented on theconstant basis and not being able to doanything about it tore me apart but thena chance encounter on the other side ofthe world handed me the weapon I neededto silence my wife's tinnitus for goodand give her her life back and it can dothe same for you so how did it happenwell let me tell you a quick story whichbegins over a decade ago back then Ididn't know the first thing abouttinnitus or what really causes it andsure I'd heard guys in the police andarmed forces who experienced it but it'spretty common due to the high ignoreslevels we encounter but luckily I'dnever suffered myself and neither hadanyone close to me which meant I didn'tunderstand just how damaging it could beuntil all of a sudden tonight hasentered our peaceful little home withall the subtlety of a hand grenade aftera night out with friends Joe woke in themorning complaining of a horribleringing noise like someone was pressinga glitched out high-pitched doorbell andnot letting go she had no idea whattriggered it and we both assumed itwould disappear in a few hours but itdidn't and that night Joe couldn't sleepat alland there was no letting up from theringing the next day desperate for somepeace we visited her doctor who wasabout as useful as a chocolate teapot hediagnosed tinnitus and said that nothingcould be done about it actually I stillremember his exact advice just don'tlisten to what he said and later you'vejust got to learn to live with it to behonest we couldn't believe how littleimportance doctors seemed to give such adisabling problem a few days later adifferent doctor casually dismissed mywife's worries by saying look on thebright side it's not gonna kill youhelpful right yeahafter seeing dozens of ents andaudiologists and going through heaps ofhearing tests MRI scans CT scans thyroidtests and a bunch of other proceduresthe only concrete answer we had was thatJoe had lost around 30% of her hearingthat was bad enough but it was thetinnitus that was affecting her the mostall along we've been convinced that thedoctors would know what to do buteverywhere we turned we hit a dead endand after months of searching foranswers we were still no closer tofinding out what was behind the ringingor how to stop it eventually she wasforced to take the matters into her ownhands and began researching everypossible alternative treatment there wasno doubt you've done the same I'mtalking about all the major distractiontechniques like sound therapy cognitivebehavioral therapy white noisegenerators acupuncture hearing aidslaser therapy you name it she threwmoney at itsome of them helped her a little bitonly for a short time because all theycould do was treat the symptom theringing sound not a single one of themtempted to get to the root cause whichleft Joe feeling like she was constantlyputting a bandaid on top of a gushingwound but the worst part Joe said wasthe emotional impact of having to livewith a condition that other peoplesimply could not see after all tinnitusis invisibleshe had no cast no limp wheelchair orgaping wound you know what I'm talkingabout right it's a hard sell when you'relooking for understanding or compassionwhether it's from a partner boss workcolleagues or friends and with theinvisible nature of the problem came theadded frustration of having tooBlayne and justifying her mood and herdecisions all the time to people whocould never understand what she wasgoing through over timeGio's quality of life began to sufferand she developed depression and anxietyunable to actually deal with the problemher doctor gave her the antidepressantanafranil and later the anti-anxietydrug xanax both of which caused Joe tosuffer from a whole heap of nastyside-effects from nausea diarrhea andvomiting to drowsiness blurred visionand dry mouth another doctor evenprescribe Prozac a selective serotoninreuptake inhibitor a class of drugs thathave now been clinically proven to maketinnitus worse but antidepressants andanti-anxiety drugs are by no means thebig problem here not by a long shot injust a second I'm going to reveal thereal hidden cause of your tinnitus acompletely overlooked but crucial nervefat that right now is melting away likea ice pop on a summer's day and how asimple reversal of this process cansilence your tinnitus in as little as 21days but before I get to that I want toquickly return to Joe's story and you'llunderstand why in just a moment you seeas the years went by we realized that nodoctor was going to be able to help Joesilence the ringing and that she wouldhave to learn to live with it to push itinto the background as much as she couldand that's exactly what she did untilthe night of our daughter's schoolmusical two years ago when our entireworld was turned upside down we come towatch Isabel our twelve-year-olddaughter perform the lead role of Arielthe from the Little Mermaidshe'd been practicing for months and Joecouldn't wait to see her little girl upon that stage doing what she loved to doafter a few minutes I looked over at Joewhose face was a picture ofconcentrationshe looks so tense and serious but Ididn't think anything of it I couldn'ttake my eyes off my little girl who wasup there singing her heart out andloving every second I mean I was I wasbursting with pride like any dad wouldbe our girls gonna be a star I laughturning toward Joebut she didn't answer in fact she wasn'teven looking at his ability in her rightear and she was shaking her headviolently honey what's the matter Iasked Todd it's so much more she saidwith a look of utter panic splashedacross her face with that she sprang upfrom her seat and dashed up the aisle asI as I hurried after her you knowoutside Joe explained that her tinnitushad suddenly gotten 10 times louder andchanged she said it had turned into ahigh-pitched screaming noise and it wasripping through her head like a laserbeam cutting through steel she called itthe screaming monster and it soundedhorrific when we all returned home thetinnitus hadn't improved and Joe didn'tsleep a winkeven worse over the next few days normaleveryday sounds became excruciating toher the noise of me stirring mightyknives on plates glasses clinking doorsbanging had all become unbearable wevisited an ENT who diagnosed hyperacusisbasically a hypersensitivity to normaleveryday sounds and it's not exactlyrare according to a recent study as manyas 63 percent of people with tinnitusalso develop this condition so if youdon't have it alreadybe warned there's a good chance that youwill if you don't do anything about yourtinnitus soon before long it becameclear that the sudden worsening of Joe'stinnitus was permanent now she was oneof the two million Americans saddledwith severe disabling tinnitus or SDTthe most frightening part was there wasno guarantee that the volume switchwouldn't get cranked up even more butworse was to come I'd noticed that Joewas becoming more and more forgetfulmuddled and confused in the past yearshe forget what she was talking aboutmid-sentence she kept misplacing thingsand then blaming me or Isabel I was toldshe was forgetting the children's namesat school and repeating herself more andmore but she swear nothing was wrong Iasked her to take the test your memoryexam which was developed by researchersat Cambridge University in the UK tohelp diagnose demintI scored 40 out of 50 a normal score forthose with no problemsJoe scored a lonely 36 now I was reallyworried so I asked dr. Torres to do someproper medical tests that's when he gaveus the devastating news and it hit melike a sledgehammer my wife was showingsigns of dementia at the age of just 46we were shocked and scared why I thoughthow but according to a study publishedin the International Tennis Journaltinnitus has now been categoricallylinked to neuro degeneration in otherwords tinnitus is a warning sign thatyour brain cells are dying in fact thestudy showed that a massive 89 percentof patients with severe disablingtinnitus showed signs of neurodegeneration I'm talking about memoryloss forgetfulness brain fog moodchanges personality changes and worseand the reason for this is down to thereal cause of tinnitus the rapidlymelting nerve fat I've been talkingabout which I'll be revealing in just amoment by this point the screaming andscreeching noises were so bad shecompared it to someone trying to drillthrough her skull and knowing that hertinnitus would never ever give her aminute's peace plunged her into a darkplace that's when I discovered somethingthat sent shivers down my spine I wasusing the family computer late one nightwhen I noticed Joe had left her Facebookpage open I was about to close it when Inoticed a group she joined it was asuicide support groupthe realization that my home wife washaving those kinds of thoughts and wasfeeling that helpless it hit me hard andto say that this was a bad time for thefamily is an understatement to be honestthere seemed to be no light at the endof the tunnel but a few weeks later Ireceived some news that would changeeverything our family is deeplyreligious and it's fair to say thatwe've prayed a lot over the last fewyears and on this day I feel like thegood Lord finally heard us not that Ihad any idea at the time I was to join agroup of US Marines on a jungle warfaretraining camp 6,000 miles from home on asmall island south of Japan calledOkinawa with Joe teetering on the edgeit was lousy timing or so I thought butI didn't have a choice so I set off forOkinawa with Joe's mom moving into thehouse to help out I couldn't stand thethought of leaving Joe knowing how muchshe was struggling but as fate wouldhave it this beautiful island wouldprovide the answer to our prayers towardthe end of the training camp I decidedto use a day of leave to take my mindoff things because I couldn't stopworrying about Joe I was coming up toretirementI knew I'd probably never go back tothis part of the world I wanted toexplore it while I still had the chanceyears before friends had told me about anearby tropical island called tanake anisolated paradise west of Okinawa andhome to just 400 people this was my lastchance to visit so I hopped on a ferryand made the short trip across the wateras I strolled through the village sweetsmell filled my nostrils I skipped lunchI was hungry my mouth started wateringimmediately it was one of those smellsthat just make you want to follow itlike like one of like in a cartoon andto this day I thank God that I didbecause as it turned out the smell wascoming from the street corner and thecooking of a tiny little old leaf it wasthis chance meeting that would unlockthe hidden cause of tinnitus and changeJoe's life forever the lady's name wasKyoko and she was 73 years agooriginally from Okinawa she had moved itto naki 20 years before with so many USmilitary bases on Okinawa andbig Western presents kyoko spoke goodEnglish and we struck up a conversationas we talked we got onto the subject ofJoe I told Kyoko all about Joe'stinnitus for suicidal thoughts and howdesperate I was to get back to her athomeKyoko smiled took off her bright yellowapron and told me to wait where I was afew minutes later she walked back out ofher house holding an old dustyleather-bound journal without saying awordshe began copying down what looked likea recipe what's this I asked and shepassed me the paperI think you were sent here for a reasonshe said mysteriously Kyoko then beganto tell me an incredible storya story that was music to my earsapparently back in 1945 when the US Armylaunched Operation iceberg otherwiseknown as the Battle of Okinawa Kyoko'sfather was a young Japanese soldiercaught up in the conflict the 82 daybattle was one of the bloodiest of theSecond World War and Okinawa wascompletely destroyed in a hail ofgunfire and grenades but despite almostthree months of constant fightingartillery fire air attacks and bombblasts neither Kyoko's father nor any ofthe Okinawan soldiers or civilians heknew reported any kind of tinnitus oreven hearing loss Geauga didn't know thereason either until 1964 when aparticularly picky eater in Kyoko'sOkinawan village suddenly developedtinnitus the village doctor who wasunable to help brought in a localscientist after months of studies andhundreds of interviews with localvillagers he eventually identified agroup of native foods that seemed toprevent and even silenced tinnitus I wasstunned and I asked Kyoko why thisinformation hadn't been shared with theworld but Kyoko looked back at me with aconfused expression on her face she wasvisibly shocked at Americans inparticular still didn't know how totreat tinnitus I mean after all the onlyplaces she'd ever lived were Okinawa andnow tanake tiny insignificant islandsthat looked upon America as the medicalcenter of the world I'm sorry about yourwife she said but follow this recipe andshe will improve seconds later a groupof locals arrived in Kyoko was whiskedaway and I never saw her again on theflight home I held that piece of paperso tight in my hand my fingers wouldn'tknow Ididn't want to let it out of my sightfor a second and as soon as I landedback in the u.s. I excitedly beganresearching the ingredients in Kyoko'srecipe first there was you know a kindof purple sweet potato then a weird typeof seaweed called kombu natto kind ofgooey breakfast food consisting offermented soybeans that I soon found outsmelt like a cross between old cheeseand unwashed ox and a few other strangesounding foods I'd never heard ofI was desperate to uncover what wasinside these foods that made them sogood for people with tinnitus and afterpouring through medical textbooks onlinescience journals and clinical studies Iwas amazed to find that every single oneof the foods in Kyoko's recipe had onething in common they all containedspecial nutrients scientifically provento repair and regenerate somethingcalled the myelin sheath a whiteprotective casing made up of 70% fatthat surrounds the auditory nerve whichcarries the sound signals to the brainmaybe the myelin sheath is the key Ithought to myself so I did some diggingand that's when I discovered somethingthat made the hairs on the back of myneck stand up a recent 3-year study intohearing loss and tinnitus led by dr.Martin Heyman from the University ofLeicester in England and published inthe Journal of Neuroscience found thatnoise exposure or ear trauma damages themyelin sheath surrounding the auditorynerve and according to dr. Heyman whenthis happens the auditory signals failto get transmitted accurately from theCocula to the brain in simple terms thebreakdown of this protective myelinsheath scrambles the sound signalsgetting passed down the communicationlines causing interference and the Noahas you know as tinnitus it's like afrayed electrical cord that can nolonger transmit properly but there wasmore not only did I discover that noiseexposure was proven to damage the myelinsheath so too was something calledoxidative stress a damaging process thatoccurs continually within our bodiesthis is when toxic chemicals from foodwater the environment and everydayhousehold products generate destructivefree radicals which are basically thebad guys that destroy the DNA in yourcells even the normal aging process hasbeen shown to degrade myelinwhich may explain why some people inlater life develop tinnitus or itsuddenly gets worse as it did for gelincredibly viral infections certainmedications plus alcohol and drug usehave also been shown to damage myelin Icouldn't believe what I was seeing thiswas it it finally made sense the realroot cause of tinnitus was damaged tothe protective myelin sheath surroundingthe auditory nerve cells which scramblesthe signals traveling between the earsin the brain causing interference and asI just discovered this damage could becaused in a number of different ways buttragically this crucial life-changinginformation has never been passed on toyou because it would cripple the$10,000,000,000 tinnitus treatmentindustry overnight so you see the factthat you've been unable to silence yourtinnitus up to now is not your faultyou've been pointed in the wrongdirection the whole time in fact I'dargue that this dirty trick is thebiggest distraction technique in thehistory of tinnitus so the questionyou're probably asking right now is canthis damage be fixed and the answer isyes the scientific term for this type ofrepair is re myelination which isexactly what you need to do to rebuildor fatten up the myelin sheath aroundyour auditory cells eliminate theinterference in sound signals hittingyour brain and silenced your tinnitusand guess what that's what Kyoko'srecipe was able to do take purple sweetpotatoes one of the ingredients inKyoko's recipe and a staple in the dietof all the Okinawan islands includingtanake one of its main eat greens iskeratin a potent phytonutrient andantioxidant in a recent study at theshow Sioux Medical College in Chinakeratin was shown to actually repair themyelin sheath and I'm not talking abouthaving to wait six months to see resultshere or even three months nopeaccording to the report the myelinsheaths reached normal level at 30 daysbut that's not all as well as keratin Ifound that purple sweet potatoes containseven more essential nutrientsclinically proven to repair andregenerate the myelin sheath but if youthink you can simply buy a bag full ofpurple sweet potatoes andtinnitus will be over think again andI'll explain why in just a second butbefore I do let me quickly mention thesecond food on Kyoko's list kombua local seaweed or algae which nativeOkinawans eat almost religiously Idiscovered that kombu is an excellentsource of cobalamin a vitamin that playsa vital role in the production of myelinin fact researchers have found that lowcobalamin levels are strongly associatedwith myelin degeneration dr. DavidPerlmutter says that cobalamindeficiency prevents the body fromrepairing damaged myelin and accordingto the Framingham Offspring study almost40% of US adults are at risk ofcobalamin deficiency that's because thebody can't manufacture cobalamin you canonly get it through food the good newsis kobu is one of the best sources youcan get but there was more the recipealso included natto a staple in theOkinawan diet for centuries natto isfermented soybeans and soybeans containlecithin and guess what lecithin is acomponent of myelin and according to dr.James Balch MD it can strengthen themyelin sheath but it didn't stop thereKyoko's recipe included a number ofother traditional Okinawan foodsincluding a bitter melon called Goyaloofah a cucumber like vegetableOkinawan tofu and a bright green sealettuce called ASA one side examined theentire list of foods I discovered thatthe recipe contained 12 nutrientsclinically proven to repair andregenerate the myelin sheath I calledthem the tonight is 12 this must havebeen why Kyoko's father had beenpractically immune from tinnitus andhearing loss during the three-monthBattle of Okinawa and why none of hisfriends or family who were living andfighting in the midst of the action andmost vulnerable to myelin sheath damageshowed any signs either the foods theywere eating every day were constantlyrepairing and regenerating theprotective myelin sheath around theirauditory nerve which meant the soundsignals traveling to their brain nevergot scrambled and tinnitus never tookhold a theory that was confirmed to meby an old friend of mine Stan Shaw whoworked for more than 20 years as amedical researcher at a top Ivy Leagueuniversity but here's the thing afterhaving this Eureka moment I didn't feelhappiness joy or anyof excitement at all at first I feltangry for Joe after all these werecompletely natural inexpensive foods butnot a single doctor had told me anythingabout them there was no tinnitus drugavailable based on these studies why didour health care system and the verypeople we trust to make us better reallynot care and that's when Stan told mesomething that made my blood boil Toddhe said you need to understand somethingyou remember your ex-girlfriend Paulasure don't remind me she was crazy Ireplied well said Stan remember how yousplit up because Paul was so possessiveand then you'd met Joe Paula dideverything she could to sabotage arelationship yeah I said it was it waslike if she couldn't have me no onecould have me exactly said Stan BigPharma are just like Paulapharmaceutical companies aren't legallyallowed to patent natural ingredients hesaid which means they can't turn theminto a profitable drug so instead ofletting you go and allowing you to getbetter with natural pure ingredientsproven to work they try to cling on toyou by rebranding antidepressants andanti-anxiety drugs as treatments fortinnitus despite the fact that thesedrugs are toxic and not a single one hasbeen approved for use on tinnitus by theFDA I couldn't believe what I washearing and it lit a fire under me I wasnow not only determined to silence Joe'stinnitus but do the same for millions ofothers - but there was one problemalthough I found a few fancy grocerystores selling purple sweet potatoesKyoko's recipe included heaps of them infact I discovered that the averageOkinawan eats over a pound of them everyday according to a study of the Okinawanpeople on their dietthe purple sweet potato traditionallymade up a whopping 69 percent of theirtotal calories this was obviously a bigpart of why Kyoko's recipe worked sowell but there was no way I could expectJoe to eat a pound of purple sweetpotatoes every day and then I tried toget a hold of some natto anothertraditional Okinawan dish made fromfermented soybeans only to find that thesoy that that sold in the u.s. is thesoy to avoid that's because according todr. Joseph Mercola over 90% of the soythat's available in these states isgeneticmodified what's more finding a placenear home that soul combooo booyahloofa asa and other traditional Okinawanfoods was practically impossible most ofthem in their purest nutrient-rich formscould only be found on the islands andgetting all these foods shipped over tothe US on a regular basis was out of thequestion toothe costs would be huge I felt like I'dhit a brick wallbut then Jo had a thought what if wecould take Kyoko's original recipe shesaid break it down to its bare nutrientlevels and then substitute the Okinawaningredients for local ones with the sameor even higher levels of these keynutrients it was a great idea but ofcourse I didn't have the first clue howto do it or even even if it was possibleI wasn't a scientist I knew nothingabout nutrition food science or anythinglike that but I knew someone who didStan my good friend an Ivy Leagueuniversity medical researcher Stanagreed to help us and was more generousthan I could ever have hoped but itstill took the remortgaging of our homeand most of our savings to fund sevenmonths of research which included thetesting and trialing of thousands ofdifferent combinations of herbs spicesfruits vegetables and other foodsreadily available in the US that woulddeliver the exact nutrient levels weneeded as well as dozens of differentmethods for delivering those nutrientsinto the human body in the quickest andmost efficient way possible but therewas one delivery method that we bothagreed would be best for everyonesmoothies all-american smoothies thatwould taste great be quick and easy toprepare and can be drunk at home or atworkor even on the go not to mention beingone of the best ways for your body toabsorb the nutrients Stan workedtirelessly going way beyond the call ofduty but everytime he thought he'dcracked the code he hit another brickwall and had to start over after monthsof waiting I was beginning to feel ashelpless as Joe I felt guilty that I'dgiven her false hope and after burningthrough seven months of funding we werejust three days from running out ofmoney but that night we got the callwe'd been praying for Stan had done itagainst all the odds and with timerunning out he finally formulated aneasy to follow protocol made up ofdeliciousmuthi recipes containing the same 12tinnitus silencing nutrients found inKyoko's recipe but with one crucialdifferencethe final smoothies he created were upto six times more powerful yessix hundred percent more effective thanthe original recipe which had protectedthe local villagers from tinnitus andhearing loss during the Battle ofOkinawa and the best part was true toStan's word all of the ingredients couldbe picked up at her local grocery storefor little more than a few dollars I wasstunned after all nothing like this hadever been attempted beforeby now I was literally bouncing up anddown like a kid at Christmasdesperate for Joe to put the protocol tothe test when my alarm went off the nextmorning I shot out of bed like a bulletfrom a gun jumped in the car and headedinto town to pick up all the ingredientsJoe needed to get started after a weekof following the protocol there wasstill no obvious change in the volume orregularity of Joe's tinnitus or the painshe was experiencing from herhyperacusis ten days passed and stillnothing by now I was starting to doubteverything I'd uncovered but Stanexplained that would take time for thenutrients to fatten up the myelin sheathand we just had to be patient but thenon day 14 something remarkable happenedit was 7:00 a.m. and Isabel and I werein the kitchen making breakfast as Jillwalked in and sat down at the table aswas the norm now we were both trying tobe as quiet as possible because of Joe'shypersensitivity to sound until Isabelaccidentally knocked a glass towards theedge of the kitchen counter and shefrantically tried to grab it but onlysucceeded in fumbling it over the sidewe both froze the mouths wide openwatching in slow motion as the glasshurtled towards the hard marble floorbeneath our feet smashing into a dozenpiecesI looked up at Joe waiting for her toscream out and pain because of the noisethere was nothinginstead she casually turned around andsimply said I hope that wasn't yourdad's favorite glasses Abell it was onlythen that she realized what had happenedher hyperacusis had vanished she was nolonger super-sensitive to normaleveryday sounds from that moment on theimprovement in her tinnitus and herhearing was beyond anything we couldhave hoped for each morning thescreaming sound Jo's invisible enemyseemed to be retreating further andfurther into the distanceone night Joe slept for eight straighthours the longest stretch of sleep shehad in almost two years and she woke upbright-eyed and happier than I'd seenher in years the tinnitus was stillthere she said but the improvement washugeshe began reading again because shecould now concentrate on the storyinstead of being constantly distractedby the unwelcome screeching in her headinterrupting her every thought herhearing seemed clearer and sharper tooand she could now watch her favorite TVshows without cranking up the volumewhich before had made her tinnitus flareup for hours or even days afterwards shestarted to venture out of the housegoing for lunch with friends and meetingup with old work colleagues and we beganto spend more time together as a familywhich brought us all closer togetherwith each day that passed Joe's smilegrew wider and wider as the screamingmonster became quieter and quieterinstead of feeling depressed lonely andfrightened about the future Joe feltexcitement and renewed hope even our sexlife improved because she was so muchhappier and more confident but the bestwas yet to come it was a sunny Sundaymorning and the 21st day since Joe hadstarted Stan's protocolI just gotten out of the shower when allof a sudden I heard a piercing screamcome from the kitchen I dropped my toweland sprinted down the stairs stark-nakedJoe was standing in the middle of thekitchen with her hands over her mouthand tears streaming down her face butthese weren't tears of panic or fearlike I'd seen in the doctor's officethese were tears of happinesstears of absolute uncontrolled joy it'sgone Todd she said for him in thelaughter I think it's actually gone withthat she jumped in my arms and planningthe biggest kissknocking me off-balance toppled over andended up rolling around on the kitchenfloor giggling like school kids we couldbarely believe what we did Eve and Icouldn't have been happier for Joe afterbeing told by dozens of supposed medicalexperts that nothing can be done andthat she'd have to learn to live withthe screaming monster for the rest ofher life she was now free of tinnitusfor the first time in a decade and ithad taken just 21 days and if you'rewondering whether Joe's tinnitus cameback and did we thought it might - butit never did and it's been well over twoyears now as the months passed the fearof it ever returning all but disappearedto the point where tinnitus seemed likelittle more than a bad dream that's notall a few weeks after Joe started theprotocol we found that her hearing hadimproved by almost 25% better still shementioned that her head felt clear herthoughts came quicker and she was nolonger getting muddled confused orforgetful I noticed it tooI asked her to take the test her memoryexam again the results were shocking Joescore had shot up from a whirring 36 outof 50 to a healthy 47 but it all makessense a number of studies have now shownthat myelin damage is an importantfeature of dementia by this stage thechange in Joe's health and happiness wasa joy to see and she was even able toreturn to teaching as I looked at herbeaming smile every morning I couldn'thelp but wonder if these recipes workedso well for her would they work forothers too naturally I wanted to getthese recipes out to as many people aspossible but Stan stopped me like anygood scientist he wanted to disprove theresults he wanted more data and he wasright after all one person wasn't proofthat's when I had an idea over the yearsJoe had built up a network of friendsonline who also suffered from tinnitusthese people were spread across theglobe and were always there to offersupport and advice to one another Iasked her to contact these people to seeif they'd be willing to put our protocolto the test free of charge not only didthe majority agree they contacted theirfriends to within the space of two weeksStan and I had a list of 427 peopledesperate to take part the results weremore spectacular than we could have evendreamed with an average timeframe of 21days with the quickest being just 17days all 427 volunteers report animprovement in their symptoms from anotable reduction in volume tolife-changing silence in fact a whopping94 percent reported that their tinnitushad gone completely while the other 6%were no less thrilled with their newquieter volume setting even Stan wasshocked by the results as a scientist hesaid he'd normally be ecstatic to see a60 to 7 percent success rate but here wewere pushing perfection and all in lessthan a month my cell phone and emailwere bombarded with remarkable tales ofrecovery and heartfelt thank-youmessages one of them Justin Tim's acollege student from San Diego wasdesperate to get into Caltech and followin the footsteps of his hero StephenHawking he developed tinnitus 9 monthsbefore after a fire alarm went off inhis hotel room the constant ringing inhis head meant he could barelyconcentrate for more than a few minutesand his dream of studying planetaryscience was hurtling towards a blackhole a month later and the ringing hadgone he was thrilled that he couldfinally study in peace and a few daysago he contacted me to let me know thathe'd been accepted into Caltechthen there's Rosario Jimenez a singlemother of three from Memphis Tennesseeshe developed tonight as two years agoand described it as a whistling noiselike the sound of an old kettle comingto the boil it had become so intense sofast she could no longer work as a 9-1-1operator her ex-husband had refused topay child support and Rosario was forcedto go on welfare barely able to feed herthree kids but after she tried theprotocol her tinnitus stopped and shewas able to go back to work just a fewweeks later and then there's BarryGaffney a 57 year old constructionworker from Bay City Michigan constantdrilling banging and loud machinerymeant he'd been tortured by tinnitus formore than two decades and he'd lost 60%of his hearing he was forced to retirefour years ago after his condition beganto affect him so much that he wasputting the safety of both himself andhis Kyleat risk Barry thought that he was tooold and that he'd had tinnitus for toolong for the protocol to work but he waswrong a six foot five 350 pound monsterof a man he was so overwhelmed by theimprovement he literally broke down andcried on the phone those are just asmall fraction of the success storieswe've had so far there are tens ofthousands more but that's nowhere nearenough for me and that's why I'm talkingto you today after seeing thedevastating impact that tinnitus had onmy wife and my family I've made it mymission to get this protocol out to asmany people as possible so no one elsehas to suffer like she did and I'm proudto say that the scandalous statisticsabout this overlooked and often ignoredcondition are about to change foreveras I speak 50 million Americansexperience some form of tinnitus with amassive two million of those sufferingsevere disabling tinnitus like Joe butthe most shocking thing of all is thatthe medical mainstream continued to tellyou that nothing can be done about itand your best option even after allthese years is to treat the symptomswith antidepressants or anti-anxietydrugs neither of which will do anythingto tackle the root cause and oftenleading to crippling side effects todaythings are finally about to change withStan's help I've developed a safe and100% natural treatment for silencingeven the worst cases of tinnitus in aslittle as twenty one days whileimproving hyperacusis hearing loss andbrain health - and in tribute to thebeautiful Okinawan island on which thisprotocol was born I've called it thetanake tinnitus protocol instead oftreating the symptoms of tinnitus thisgroundbreaking natural protocol gets tothe root cause by feeding your body the12 crucial nutrients it needs to rebuildthe damaged myelin sheath surroundingthe auditory nerves in your earsrepairing the communication linesbetween your cochlea and your brain andsilencing the interference which we'veall come to know as tinnitus Ipersonally guarantee that this will workfor you in fact I double guarantee itand I'll explain more about that in justa second I'll also show you exactly whatyou're going to get inside the tanaketinnitus protocolbut first I want you to hear whatPatrick had to say about it hey my nameis Patrick Mayberry I live in Philly andI'm a retired airline pilotI developed tinnitus probably some 15years ago and lost around 40% of myhearing - I was always exposed to veryloud engine noises which I'm pretty surewas the cause of it it was bad yeah itgot pretty bad it was like a constantdrilling sound like a dentist drill notfun someone once said to me and I 100%agree that almost the worst part of itisn't the tinnitus itself but the impactthat tinnitus has on your relationshipyou know like especially a marriage yourkids or close friendships for me Ididn't talk to my wife very much aboutit because the drilling sound was thereall the time and if I kept talking aboutit it would just become my life myidentity if that makes any sense Ididn't want to let it control me but ifI didn't talk about it you know she'dthink I was okay when I wasn't and Ifelt like she didn't care I know she didbut that's what tinnitus does do playswith your mind you know it just eatsaway at you and infects yourrelationships because you don't feellike anybody else understands I I feltvery lonely with tinnitus like I justended up cutting myself off and as soonas I saw the video everything finallymade sensewhat the cause was why it got worse whenit did how certain food seemed to makeit better all the doctors had ever saidlet's try this drug oh no maybe try thatdrug ok give this one a shot it was justrandom they didn't know what to do thisapproach was totally different I meanthe way he had done it with smoothies Imean that was just the clincher for me Imean I'm terrible in the kitchen my wifewill tell you that so to just be able tothrow the ingredients in a blender andbe done that was awesome I haven't hearda single drilling sound for two or threemonths now and my hearing has improvedso much I no longer need my hearing aidat all and the difference it's made tothe tinnitus you know I can't even putit into wordswell one word actually freedom beingable to read a book in silence play withmy grandkids walk the dogs watch a gamewith my friends without being treatedlike an invalid these were things Icouldn't enjoy before I feel like I canreally live my life again you know dothe things that I'd stopped doing stopgetting enjoyment out of I I can't thankthose guys enough okay so what exactlyare you going to get inside the tanaketinnitus protocol inside this expertlywritten program you'll discovereverything you need to know about thereal cause of tinnitus a thinning myelinsheath including two commonly used foodadditives proven to burn through thisprotective fatty coating and make yourtinnitus worse the five prescriptiondrugs to avoid at all cost a completebreakdown of the traditional Okinawanfoods from 6,000 miles away thatinspired this protocol the identity ofthe tinnitus 12 the special tinnitussilencing nutrients that make thesefoods so powerful all of the natural andinexpensive grocery store ingredientsthat contain even more potent amounts ofmyelin repairing nutrients found insideKyoko's recipe and finally you willreceive the magicalso your very own 21-day protocol hereyou will find easy-to-follow recipes forall 21 of my most powerful and effectivesmoothies each one has been meticulouslydesigned by Stan Shaw myself and a teamof certified nutritionist and foodscientists and every ingredient has beenweighed and measured to the nearest gramand you'll receive full details on theprecise quantities and combinationsneeded to produce maximum results bestof all you only need to drink onesmoothie per day which will take no morethan a few minutes to whip up and ifyou're wondering you don't need tochange your diet at all just add onesmoothie a day to your normal mealswhenever it's most convenient to you oruse the smoothie as a meal replacementto save time that's it it literallycouldn't be any easier to follow plusthe delicious twist is that these twelvenutrients can not only silence yourtinnitus they have the power totransform your health and vitality toothat's because Okinawa is famous forbeing a blue zone an area of the worldwhere people live the longest in fact ithas lower rates of cancer heart diseaseand dementia than anywhere else on theplanet and many of the nutrients in thetonight is 12 are believed to be key totheir health and longevity so the nextquestion you're probably asking is thishow much is the tanake tinnitus protocolwell before I answer that let me ask yousomething what is a tinnitus free futureworth to you what would you pay tosilence that annoying sound once and forall hundreds thousands tens of thousandswhatever figure you have in mind youknow as well as I do that putting an endto that nightmarish noise will be thebest investment you could ever makeperiod on the other hand ignoreeverything you've just seen and carry onas you are and you'll not only besentencing yourself to a lifetime oftinnitus which could get worse at anymoment you'll also be placing a hugeburden on your loved ones becauseremember it's not just you going throughthis your family are too and you need tothink about them when you consider thecost of doing nothing after all if youchoose to carry on living with tinnitusyou'll be forced to shell out money yearafter year on things likeear protection headphones doctor'svisits medication supplementsalternative therapycounseling and much more none of whichactually get to the root cause of theproblem meaning you'll be draining yourbank account on useless band-aidtreatments for the rest of your life andif you didn't know it already livingwith tinnitus doesn't come cheapaccording to the American tinnitusAssociation when you add lost earningsproductivity and healthcare costs to themix you could be losing up to $30,000 ayear live another 30 years and you'relooking at a bill of $900,000 and forwhat you still have tinnitus that'scrazywhat would your partner kids andgrandkids say to that kind of waste Idon't think they'd be too happy rightand neither would youbut that's not all because there's thehuman cost of doing nothing remembertinnitus can get progressively worseover timeso if you think it's bad now imagine howyour life will be if you increase thevolume tenfold and if you really need meto remind youtinnitus has been categorically linkedto dementia so by choosing just to livewith it you could wind up staringblankly at a wall in a nursing homeunable to recognize your own children togo to the bathroom by yourself orperform even the most basic of everydaytasks is that something you're preparedto let happen is that something youthink your family would want for you ofcourse not so let me ask you again whatwould you pay to silence your tinnitusand do it and as little as 21 days welllet me tell you that my team havealready made it clear that the price ofthis protocol should be set at anabsolute minimum of $1,000 and a largepercentage of those who took part in thetrial have already admitted to me thatthey would have happily paid 3 4 even 5times that amount based on the resultsthey achieved the good news is I don'twant you to pay anything like that kindof money and there are three reasons whyfirst I've set myself a target ofhelping 1 million people to silencetheir tinnitus inside the next 12 monthsand I can't do that if I price themajority of people out second this hasnever been about making money for memaking a profit is not and never hasbeen my motivation this is aboutpeople's lives which I've spent myentire adult life protectingand third I've made a promise to a veryspecial lady in my life Joe after livingwith tinnitus for a decade she made itclear to me that she wants anyonesuffering from this condition to be ableto get the help they need withoutworrying about whether or not they canafford it and the discussion so here'sthe deal you're not gonna have to pay athousand dollars today or half that oreven one tenth for that matter in factall I'm aiming to do here is recover thecost involved in the research anddevelopment of this protocol and gettingthis website online which I think you'llagree is more than fair so when youclick on the button below you can pickup the tanake tinnitus protocol for thetiny one-time payment you see below andthat's it no monthly costs no extra feesjust one simple payment and it's allyours and all you need to do to getstarted is hit the button below rightnow and hey if you're a little skepticalabout whether this protocol worked foryou I completely understand so here'swhat I'm going to do to prove to youthat this protocol works and that youhave absolutely nothing to worry aboutI'm gonna give you a 60-day risk-freemoney back guarantee but this isn't somerun-of-the-mill guarantee I'm offeringhere this is my tanake tinnitus doubleguarantee and here's how it works numberone I know this protocol is going tochange your life for the betterI'd put my house on that but you're notblown away with how quickly and easilyit silences your tinnitus or should younot like anything about the protocoleven if you're not keen on the color ofthe front cover simply send me an emailwithin 60 days of your order and I willrefund every cent of your investmentwith no questions asked number two andif that's not enough to give you thepeace of mind you need I'll even let youkeep the entire protocol just to saythanks for giving it a try I can't sayfairer than that right that's a 100%refund for any reason at allevery cent of your money back and youcan still keep the program but that'snot all so when you order today you willalso receive two special bonusesabsolutely free the first bonus iscalled the binaural beats for thetinnitus audio series using a processcalled frequency following response thisclinically proven maskingtechnique uses theta frequencybrainwaves to create a binaural beat inyour brain that releases yourpreoccupation with the noise in yourearsof course this treatment won't get ridof your tinnitus permanently but it willreduce your symptoms by almost 50% whileyou wait for the protocol to get to workaccording to a study of 26 tinnituspatients led by dr. ben david md andpublished in the hearing journal just 12weeks of binaural beats therapy produceda reduction in symptoms in 100% of thepatients who took part and crucially themean disturbance rating was reduced by amassive 47 percent how incredible isthat this scientifically proven methodcan be used at any time of day torelieve your symptoms and the best partis you don't even have to take time outof your day to enjoy the benefits allyou need to do is slip on yourheadphones and go about your day asnormal your brain will do the restthis audio program retails at fifty fiveninety five but it's yours absolutelyfree when you order today your secondbonus is called the yoga for tinnitusvideo series certain yoga exercises havebeen shown to increase the circulationof fresh clean blood to your ears andbrain removing damaging toxins andreducing tinnitus symptoms in a 2018study patients with chronic tinnituswere asked to perform simple bodymovements breathing exercises andmeditation once a week at the end of the12-week study there was a statisticallysignificant improvement in the severityof the symptoms in 100% of patientsinvolved while stress levels unknowntrigger for tinnitus were also reducedin the Yoga for tinnitus video series acertified yoga instructor will walk youthrough the exact same movements andbreathing exercises used to achievethese results and if you're thinkingthis is going to be hard work youcouldn't be more wrong these exercisesare low intensity easy to follow takejust a few minutes and can be performedin the comfort of your own home at anytime of day this video series retails atthirty seven ninety five but again it'syours absolutely free when you hit thebutton below to order today that's abonus package worth almost $100 on itsownhow does that sound that's a no-brainerright yeah I thought so toobut then Joe and I got talking and werealized that there was one thing wemissed out the final piece of the puzzleas you know the root cause of tinnitusis a thinning myelin sheath thatprotects the auditory nerveso I'm also including tinnitus triggerfoods worth $29 absolutely free insideyou'll discover the everyday foods thathave been proven to damage the myelinsheath and make your tinnitus worse withthis book by your side you'll knowexactly which foods to avoid to giveyourself the best possible chance ofachieving success with the protocol andsilencing your tinnitus as quickly aspossible so for the small one-time onlyinvestment you see below you will getinstant access to the tanake tinnitusprotocol worth one thousand dollars aswell as your three free bonuses thebinaural beats for tinnitus audio seriesworth fifty five ninety five the yogafor tinnitus video series valued atthirty seven ninety five and thetinnitus trigger foods worth twenty ninedollars that's over eleven hundreddollars of tinnitus silencinglife-changing value and all for the costof one meal at an average restaurant ora family trip to the movies it's nothingyet the results could be priceless toget started simply click on the buttonbelow fill in your details and I'll sendyou the tanake tinnitus protocol andyour three bonuses straight to yourinbox and don't forget your order isprotected by my rock-solid two nakitinnitus double guarantee which meansthere's absolutely no risk on your partfor the next 60 days so right now isdecision time and you're at a fork inthe road take the first road and you'llbe ignoring everything you've just seenand heard you'll be choosing to donothing and to just live tinnitus forthe rest of your life you'll no doubtend up having to pay out hundreds oreven thousands of dollars every year onband-aid treatments that don't won't andnever will get rid of your tinnitus andyou'll have to accept that the noiseyou're experiencing could and probablywill get worse over time sure you can dothat just remember choosing just livewith tinnitus will not only cost youfinancially it could also cost you yourmemories and everything that makes youwho you are by dramatically increasingyour risk ofneuro degeneration I don't want you togo down that road and I'm sure you andyour loved ones don't want to eitherthat's why I'd like you to take thesecond roadthe one where you click the button belowand get instant access to a quick simpleimproving way to silenced tinnitus inlittle as 21 days without even leavingthe comfort of your own home and justimagine how that will feel imagine neverwaking up to that awful sound imagine nolonger having to worry about yourtinnitus getting worse how severe itmight become and what kind of impactthat might have on you and the peopleyou love imagine being able to hold aconversation without that unwelcome headyes interrupting your every thoughtimagine no longer having to explain yourcondition to people who will neverunderstand or hearing their uselessadvice and ignorant comments imagine alife with no more doctor visits no moreexpensive treatments no more meds nomore frustration no more thoughts of whyme imagine the relief you'll feel andthe money you'll save when you'refinally clear of tinnitus and you canenjoy everything that life has to offerin peaceimagine your moment of freedom feelsgood right well that feeling can beyours very soon and all you need to dois hit the button below almost 50,000men women and children have alreadyachieved life-changing results with thisprotocol and this is your chance to jointhem but I need to warn you you don'thave long in an ideal world I'd keepthis presentation running forever I wantto achieve my goal of helping 1 millionpeople to silence their tinnitus andtransform their lives with the help ofthis protocol the problem is the costsinvolved in developing it and making itpublic have been far higher than I everimagined and to make matters worse I'vealready received threatening cease anddesist letters from the lawyers ofmultiple companies in the industrydemanding that I take this website downremember tinnitus is now a 10 billiondollar market it's huge and growingevery day and believe me these guys areangry as hell that this video is stillonlinethey've lost almost 50,000 customersalready and every minute it stays upthey're losing more but I'm sure you canunderstand that there's no way I can addexpensive legal fees into the mix so Ihonestly don't know how much longer Ican keep this presentation onmeaning if you click away now there's noguarantee it will still be here when youreturn so make the right decision makethe only decision you can make both foryourself and your family hit the buttonbelowput the tanake tinnitus protocol to thetest risk free for a full 60 days andjoin my 50,000 strong community in ourmission to silence tinnitus once and forallthanks for watching and I look forwardto hearing your success story very soonyoustill here no problem if you're still alittle unsure about everything you'vejust seen and heard I completelyunderstandso if you still have a few questions thefollowing answer should give you all theinformation you need to make the rightdecision how does the tanake tinnitusprotocol work every single smoothierecipe in the protocol contains a uniqueformula consisting of the tinnitus 12 inother words you get the perfect amountsand combinations of the 12 nutrientsclinically proven to repair andregenerate the myelin sheath damage -which has now been shown to be the rootcause of tinnitus each smoothie takes nomore than a few minutes to make and allyou need to do is to drink one per dayfor the duration of the 21-day protocoland beyond if you wish to continue itliterally couldn't be any easier if theingredients in the protocol worked sowell why haven't I heard about themalready the sad truth is treatingtinnitus is now a ten billion dollarindustry and it's growing bigger everyday whether it's big farm of pushingdoctors to prescribe antidepressants oranti-anxiety drugs or companies tryingto sell you expensive alternativetherapies that only mask your tinnitusnone of these people want you to knowthat there are natural ingredients outthere proven to work after all it woulddestroy their income stream overnight sowhen a new study shows that a naturalingredient can successfully treattinnitus the research is generallyignored or worse suppressed entirelyinstead you continue to be prescribedantidepressants anti-anxiety drugs andpush towards other types of treatmentthat can't won't and never will stopyour tinnitus will this work for me yesI firmly believe it will of course eachindividual case will be different but asyou've seen during this presentation theingredients contained within thisprotocol are scientifically proven torepair and rebuild the myelin sheathwhich scientists have now pinpointed asthe root cause of tinnitus plus it'salready worked on almost 50,000 peopleso there's no reason why it won't workfor you too and if for any reason youdon't achieve the results you're hopingfor you're protected by my tanaketinnitus double guarantee for full 60days if you don't experience alife-changing reduction in your tinnitussymptoms I don't want your money howlong will it take to see resultsduring our private study of 427volunteers 94% of participants achieveda complete reversal in their tinnitussymptoms the remaining 6% saw a notablereduction in volume the average timeframe was just 21 days well my detailsbe secure yes our ordering systembenefits from state-of-the-art 256-bitssl encryption technology the exact sametechnology used by the world's biggestbanks we're talking to Fort Knox ofinternet security here so you haveabsolutely nothing to worry about howlong will the protocol be available forin all honesty I don't know as I saidthere's no guarantee this website willbe online next week tomorrow or even afew hours from nowin fact the chances are I'll be forcedto remove it very soon there's no way Ican afford thousands of dollars in legalfees on top of everything else so I urgeyou to take this opportunity to investin the tanaketinnitus protocol now before it's toolate don't miss out on the chance tosilence your tinnitus and transform yourlife go ahead and click on the orderbutton below and get started completelyrisk-free for full 60 daysyou

Start Destroying Your Tinnitus With The Simple Yet Powerful & 100% Natural Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol ——————————
The real cause of tinnitus —————–

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is a one-shot solution to cure Tinnitus. This is a wonderful 21 days program which has helped many people till date to overcome the issue in lesser time and fewer efforts.

Tinnitus could occur due to different reasons. Some of the prominent ones are:

Ear trauma
Loud noises

Apart from these, there could be many other reasons which lead to Tinnitus. While the health practitioners and doctors say that the cause of Tinnitus is related to ear, Todd Carson claims that it occurs due to a specific kind of nerve fat.

Tonaki Tinnitus protocol provides detailed know-how about the problem, its cause and the effective remedies for curing it altogether. Other than this, it will also tell you about a few recipes which will take you to the path of eliminating the problem of Tinnitus once and for all.

The whole protocol by Todd Carson is divided into two different parts. The first part discusses everything about a particular recipe called Kyoko’s recipe that comprises ingredients helpful to overcome Tinnitus. And the other part is dedicated to telling you about the smoothies which make your body resistant to Tinnitus.

PART 1: Kyoko Recipe- This is a wonderful recipe that Todd Carson discovered in the Tonaki. It has the power to curb every issue related to Tinnitus and keep the person at bay from it forever. The ingredients in the Kyoko recipe are so worthy that you would never believe you had one ailment called Tinnitus in your past.

Kombu and Natto are the primary ingredients of the recipe. Along with this, some special lesser known foods complete the recipe that repairs the entire system. It acts on the white casing located near the auditory nerve called as myelin sheath which is supposed to be responsible for causing Tinnitus. When this particular nerve gets damaged due to some reason it leads to this ailment. Kyoko recipe work right at the cause of the disease and repair the myelin sheath.

This part will also provide you the know-how of different food items which are used at every home, lesser knowing their importance in eradicating Tinnitus.

PART 2: Tinnitus 12- This part provides detailed information about the different smoothies which again help in curbing the disease. Here you will get a step by step procedure for making All American smoothies that are filled with health benefitting minerals and nutrients. They help in repairing the Myelin sheath.

Whether you talk about the taste or the way they are prepared, everything is great and is equipped with many benefits. The best thing is you can prepare the smoothie and drink it anywhere as per your convenience.

These two parts, if followed correctly, provides a sure shot solution to make you free from Tinnitus. It takes just one week to feel the difference, and the end of the third weak attains complete riddance.

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