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How To Cure Tinnitus (I’m Speaking From EXPERIENCE)

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what's up guys just liam from tinnitustreatment you can probably hear in myvoice that i've been ridiculously sickthe last couple of days but I think it'sa parasite or something like that sothat's fun so today I'm going to teachyou guys how to research tinnitus andhow tinnitus is cured okay how to curetinnitus and the first thing you need todo is you need to stop looking upinformation on tinnitus and there's areason for this because doctors in themedical industry and you know the sortof conspiracy they look up thecurriculum of any medical institution orresearch facility and they always focuson one thing okay we want to focus onhair loss so we're going to focus on thehead how do we get the hair follicles togrow but we got to focus on vision sowe're going to focus on people who haveglaucoma so we're going to focus on theeyes we're gonna focus on people withbad breath we're gonna focus on colorptosis focus on the mouth and the throatand maybe a bit of a stomach they neverlook at the whole picture never look atthe pancreas deliver the beta cellsinsulin diabetes or blood sugar isreally huge but the thing is if you wantto look at tinnitus for yourself firstthing I would do is just to watch all myvideos please I'm gonna say it againguys if you're gonna email me questionsby the way I don't feel my emailsanymore I just don't do it because tworeasons I don't have the time and peopleask me questions again and again thatare for free on my youtube channel andit for free and my free guide if youclick below and download their freeguide so I've hired somebody else tofill up my emails because I just can'tdo it anymore because it takes up toomuch of my time and it shouldn't becausethe questions you're just there don'twatch one of my videos and email medon't do that there's much all of itokay put the time in put the effortthat's the second thing at this intonight's first is looking andholistically okay the second thing isactually putting the effort in and goingthrough lots and lots of differentwebsites and videos and studies andactually doing a research hot on oneticket it really comes down to lookingat the body as a wholeeverything is affecting everythingbecause it is because there's the bodyis cyclical everything is incorporatedand delivered the pancreas the kidneydelivery is the most important but ifyou want to look at fixing your tinnitusand you want to do your own duediligence which I highly recommend thatyou do I would seriously suggest goinglooking at research and the wordtinnitus is not in the URL and itdoesn't evenabout tinnitus because you need tounderstand a bit more about how the bodyworks you have to get a medical degreein fact if you want to understandtinnitus Oh get a medical degree youjust went to me to a fucking thing andyou would know that if you went and sawan EMT or a specialist and they saytinnitus is flight which it's fuckingnot there's not a chance in hellfinances of like how did I get rid ofmine then and how have I helped over 100people get rid of theirs ok I've lostcount a number by now but I've gottestimonials all over my website okLiam's sub slider stock obviously downLee the free guide Liam so slightestcalm the first two pages are justtestimonials from people who I've nevereven met ok anyway so that's those arethe two things put some fucking effortin and do your own research but couldn'tyou've got to put the effort in theright way you can't look at tinnitustalk calm and even do more research thanlike my YouTube channel look at otherthings look at as a tougher G effectivefasting look at how the liver and thepancreas are connected with sugar andinflammation look at information causespain information causes stress stressthe hormone of cortisol but if yourthyroids aren't working you've gotiodine deficient then you're thethyroids can't control the cortisolsecretion in your adrenal glands andactually get adrenal fatigue and thusyou get stressed ok and does she gettinnitus is any tinnitus website goingto tell you that do they even fuckingknow that's the thing no any reason Iknow is because I did years and years ofresearch and now I'm giving it to youfor free anyway from more free stuffclick below this video go to lean stops- calm put your email address in and I'mgoing to send you the overview ofbeginners ok how to get rid of tinnitusI'm gonna hey you got it no matter howold you are no matter how severe it isand you can get rid of your tinnituswithout habituation surgery or drugs andtalk soon

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