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Doctor:HelloToday I am sharing one video of one of the patientwho got treated from Drspectra tinnitus treatmentwho got 99% - 100% relief from tinnitusand now they have terminated the treatmentnow there is no need of continuing any further treatment In this video we will be showing youfeedback of the patient named shashiwho was suffering from severe tinnitusdue to which she was not able to sleephead heaviness was also thereFor the whole day she used to feel irritated because of the continuous sound in the earsshe took lot of medicines for itAfter that she came to Drspectra for the treatmentAfter 4 months of tinnitus treatment she shared her video feedback alsoin which you saw she was having 60% - 70% relief Today we are shooting this video after 6.5 months of her treatmentWhere she will be confessing her complete cure99% improvement is there in her tinnitusNow she is not using any device furtherNow this treatment has been terminatedLet's see in her own words how she relief from tinnitusShe used to get mixed sound like Ghungru sound, insect sound, wind blowing sound.Sound used to get changedLet's see shashi's video now Doctor: Hello Ma'amHow are you?Now you are happyPatient: yesDoctor: Now you tell me you visited us 4 months beforeIts been 6.5 months since you have started our treatment4 months before i asked youthe sound which you were getting in your earhow much % relief you are havingSo you told us that you have 50% to 60% reliefNow again today we have called youIts been 6.5 months of tinnitus treatmentyou were using this grey Tinnitusrelief deviceIn both earsFor how many times in a day you were using it?Patient: Earlier i was using it 5 times a dayAfter that four times a daythen three times a dayCurrently i was using it once in dayDoctor: then you were using it once in a day?Now you are not using it anymorePatient: I don't use it dailyDoctor: And what is your current conditionNow you tell me siryou can tell me much betterHow many times in a day she is using it?Is she using it right now or not?Patient's Husband: No now she is not using itwhenever she gets sound only then she use itOtherwise she is not using itDoctor: Do you feel is she still having sound in her ear?Patient's Husband: No, she is not having sound in her earDoctor: What do you feel how much improvement in percent is there in her tinnitus?Patient's Husband: 99% improvement is thereDoctor: you feel there is 99% improvementNow tinnitus sound is not irritating youPatient:No..Doctor: Do you get tinnitus sound when you concentrate?Patient's Husband: No ma'amDoctor: even when you concentrate you don't get soundPatient's Husband: NoDoctor: Now can you do your household work easily?Patient's Husband: Yes ma'am easilyDoctor: Earlier what all places you have visited for tinnitus treatment?Patient's Husband: We have visited airforce hospital.we have taken medicines from themWe have been towards Mehrauli also We have visited towards Rohini alsowe have gone through lots of testsbut even from there also we got no resultsIts been more than a year nowDoctor: How much money you spend on tinnitus treatment?Patient's Husband: approximately more than Rs 50,000Doctor: even after that she doesn't got relief?Patient's Husband: No ma'amPatient: I got relief when i visited over here onlyDoctor: Ok..I want thatthe relief which you are having right nowgets for a longer periodyou never get this problem back in futureNow you tell mewhat do you feel the treatment which we are providingdo we have to take any medicines in it?Patient's Husband: No in this treatment no medications is requiredPatient: we got relief from this device onlywe got 99% relief from it Doctor: So now you don't get any kind of sound in ear since many days.... Since last how many days or months you are not getting any sound?Patient's Husband: its been around 2 months there no sound in her earDoctor: It means when you visited last, there was little bit of soundafter that you used it for next 15-20 daysafter that sound got reducedsince last two months you are not getting any sound?You haven't used it even once also? What next has been suggested to you in our treatment?Will you get any sound or not?Patient's Husband: I don't think soare you able to sleep at night easily?Patient's Husband: Yes ma'amDoctor: what all problems she was facing earlier?Patient's Husband: Earlier she used to wake up at nightI used to give massage in her head after that she used to sleepshe used to scream because of itshe was not able to sleepeven i was tired from itDoctor: Ok..and where you having problem in afternoon also or it was only in night.Patient's Husband: it was in the whole dayFor the whole day she used to suffer from tinnitusShe was not able to work properlyDoctor: Because of tinnitus was she having headache?Patient's Husband: yes she used to have headache alsoDoctor: Heaviness?Patient's Husband: YesDoctor: where you used to feel pain in your head?Patient: It used to happen when i was having medicineswith tinnitusrelief device there was no headacheDoctor:okWhile using this device you haven't faced any headachePatient's Husband: No..Doctor: and you are ok now..Now you can sleep easily at night?Patient's Husband: Yes..Doctor: Now you feel that there is no problem as tinnitusDo you miss those days when you were suffering from tinnitus?Patient's Husband: Yes definitely..Doctor: You miss those days..why?Patient's Husband: I was worried about herDoctor: Yes you were worried about hershe was not able to do household work alsoDoctor: Now you are perfectly fine are not taking any medicines also...Do you want to give any message from your side to the other patients?Patient's Husband: I want all the patients to come here and take the treatment from herethe treatment is really goodwithout taking any medicines you can get treated from tinnitusyou will get instant relief from itI have spend a lot of money We were really worried about itDoctor: every doctor used to give you medicinePatient: yes, even she got tired of taking medicinesWhen I came to know about this clinicthen we visited over here..Doctor: okDoctor: Thank you so much sirDoctor: We want all of our patient..Patient: I want to tell every patientif you are suffering from tinnitusyou will get instant reliefDoctor: So you are giving this video to us so thatother patients can also get instant relief?Patient: Yes definitely..Doctor: So you can understand their problem?Patient: Yes definitely ma'amperson gets really irritated from tinnitusWe how it feelsDoctor: Thank you so much sir.

DrSpectra provides best proven tinnitus treatment based on nuromodulation principle through non invasive Innovation Tinnitus relief devices that is medically tested solution on 1000+ patients. We have more than 90% success rates.

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