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Hii....In DrSpectra till nowmore than 1000 plus patients of tinnitushas been seen in which few patientscomplaints about sound in one ear,few of them complaint about sound in both earsfew of them complaints that sound is coming from the center of the heador at the back of the neck.Today we are sharing feedback of one of the patientwho was suffering from tinnitus in right ear.He used to get sound of silence.We will be sharing his 6 monthsof tinnitus treatment result.In this video,he himself said that he is 90% relief from tinnitus.Though, there was a whole in his ear drumans was having mild hearing loss.Due to tinnitus he was not able to sleep at night,there was having head heaviness and vertigo also.In Drspectra,he has taken treatment from Tinnitusrelief device two times a day.Now since last few days he is not getting any sound due to which he has terminated the treatment.But still doctor has suggested himin 15 days for 10 min treatment has to be taken.Let's see Kailash Ji's video where he is sharing his feedback in his own word.Doctor: Hello Kailash Ji...Patient: Hello ma'am..Doctor: How are you?Patient: I am perfectly fineDoctor: you are looking happy..Patient: Yes... I am happyDoctor: We have already taken you video earlier.....Patient: yes ma'am...Doctor: Today, I am taking your 6 months treatment video.Patient: yesDoctor: In first month of your video, you told us that the therapy which you were taking from Drspectrafrom this device.You were having 70% relief from tinnitus.Patient: Yes..Doctor: What is your current condition?And....How is it going?Like you told us earlier also like you took medicines like Ginkgobiloba, Tinnex, Absolute,and you consulted lot of doctors also. So you please first brief the places you consulted.What all medicines you took? What kind of result you were having with this treatment?And today after six months what do you feel with this treatment?Patient: I went to one of the hospital for it.They told me that their is no treatment available for this problem.after that....I visited another hospital which was saket.Over there doctor prescribed me tinnex medicineand Ginkgobiloba.I took it for enough of times...but there was no relief with it.I was really worried about it.Then I contacted you and came to know that here treatment for tinnitus is available.And I feel that there is 90% relief from tinnitus with this treatment.Doctor: What kind of treatment has been provided to you over here?Patient: I used to switch this machine on and plug the earphones into my ear.,like you trained me for it.I used to take 45 min of therapy from it.And because of it i have got 90% relief from tinnitus.Doctor: Today you have completed your six months..Patient: Yes, today my six months are completed.Doctor: In what terms do you feel relief from tinnitus?Patient: My tinnitus sound has got decreased.Doctor: The sound has got decreased or you are not able to concentrate on it?Patient: Even I am not able to concentrate on itand it got decreased also.Doctor: Do you have little bit of tinnitus now?Patient: Yes, little bit of sound is there.Doctor: When concentrate on it only then you are able to listen it? : Little bit of sound is still there,Patient: Only when I concentrate on it.Otherwise if I don't concentrate on it then there will be no sound.Doctor: Ok.What next has been told to you?Like I have suggested you That you take your therapy in every 15 days.For next one month.Ok kailash ji you tell me one thingBefore consulting to us,you told us,Doctors said no to you,So how did you get the believe on us that once you should visit over here.How many doctors have you consulted?In what all hospitals have consulted?I visited to the hospitals situated inPatparanj,Saket,and many other hospitals.But I didn't got any relief from any other place.All of them told me that there is no treatment available.Doctor: First time when you visited to the doctorwhat all tests they asked you to do?Patient: They asked me to go for audiometery testThis one is your audiometery report?Patient: Yes, this one.Doctor: In this, your left ear is normal but in right earthere is high frequency loss.Doctor: Did they asked for any other test?Patient: They only asked me for this audiometery test.And was saying to consult him back once the test is done.I consulted him back. Then he told me that there is no solution available for tinnitus.When I came over here, then i got believe thatI will get relief from tinnitus with this treatment.When I met you and ma'am, my trust got increased.Doctor: Ok sir, It is very good.You also told me that you went for MRI also.Patient: Yes, I went for MRI but for my spine..Doctor: Ok, so that is not related to tinnitus.But you also know that many patients go for MRI and CT Scanbecause of this tinnitus.Patient: Yes....Doctor: And we told you earlier thatIn 99% cases, the reports come normal only.Patient: Yes..Doctor: According to your reports, there is no as such problem in your hearingBut there was some discharge history.Can you please tell me how your problem got started?Patient: 26-27 years before my ear got blocked.Once it blocked, I started applying oil in my ear.After applying oil into my ear, I started noticingthat some liquid is getting discharged from my ear.At that time, I used to live in Krishna Nagar.Over there I consulted one of the doctor.He told me that there is a whole into my ear.I asked him is it serious?Then he told me that, yes it is serious.After thatI never went for further ear drum treatment for it.Because I was not facing any discharge problem any more.After 26-27 years,Suddenly when I woke up in the morning, i felt tinnitus sound into same earin which I was having whole in it.Then again i went to the doctor, i went nursing home also.But again they told me there is no treatment available for it.Doctor: Since when are you suffering from tinnitus?Patient: Since april 2014.Doctor: It means 4 years.Patient: Yes..Around 4.5 yearsDoctor: How many doctors have you consulted for it?Patient: I have consulted many doctors for it. Doctor: With our treatment did you took any medicines?Patient: No, medicines.With your treatment I didn't took any of my medicines for tinnitus.Only Neuromodulation therapy which you provide us in treatment.Doctor: ok.....Did anyone asked to wear hearing aid?Patient: one asked me for it.Doctor: Ok..Most of the patients were prescribed with the hearing aid.Though they were having normal hearing.Hear aid is only helpful in hearing problem.Tinnitus sound occurs in our auditory pathway,not into our ears.Ok, Kailash Ji....I would like to request that like you got relief from tinnitus,Other patients should also get relief from it.Do you want to give any message from your side to other patients?Patient: I just want to say, whomsoever is suffering from tinnitus,Should come over here in DrSpectra,for tinnitus treatment.I have even suggested few of the patients from side,and they have asked me about it.They told me that they will visit over here and I will be coming with them.Doctor: Thank you so much Kailash Ji....Welcome ma'am.....

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DrSpectra provides best proven tinnitus treatment based on Neuromodulation principle through non-invasive innovation Tinnitusrelief Devices that is medically tested solution on 1000+ patients. We have more than 90% Success rate.

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