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5 Natural Remedies for Tinnitus Ringing in Ear

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before watching the video don't forgetto subscribe to our channel by clickingthe subscribe button below and clickingthe Bell icon to be notified whenever wepublish a new video do you ever hear abuzzing in your ear according to a studypublished in 2014 that buzzing you hearalso known as tinnitus is one of themost common biological problems thesounds can include tapping clicking andother noises they can switch ears andtheir intensity and volume can changenormally the symptom doesn't indicateanything worse but the sounds can beannoying and cause mood swings anddepression it's a common problem inolder people and people who have beenexposed to loud noises like people whowork in clubs or construction work itcould also affect people who normallyturn the volume up to loud whilelistening to music using headphonesother common causes are excessive earwax ear infections ear drum injuriesmedications such as antibiotics andaspirin jaw or dental problems heartproblems depression and stress there areseveral ways to treat this buzzing butthe best thing to do is find out what iscausing the buzzing and prevent it fromhappening again in today's video we'regoing to explore some of the naturalremedies that can help reduce thisproblem acupuncture several studies haveconfirmed that acupuncture really helpswith the buzzing if your acupuncturiststudies Chinese medicine he'll know howto treat the problem this treatmentnormally lasts about 10 sessions gingkobiloba gingko biloba is a medicinalplant that can improve your bloodcirculation especially to your head ifthe buzzing is happening due to badcirculation this plant can help a lotear candling ear candling is an oldnatural medicine technique you burn acone made of gauze paraffin and beeswaxand it helps fight infections andswelling the heat generated from thecone together with the easy pressuregenerated from the burning naturallyclears out your ears and the respiratorytractszinc several studies show that zincreduces the buzzing sounds you can eatfoods with high levels of zinc such asoysters pumpkin seeds beans almondssesame and flaxseedvitamin b12 most people who hear thisbuzzing are lacking vitamin b12 ifthat's your case eating foods rich invitamin b12 is a great choicenormally the foods with the highestlevels of b12 are of animal origin butif you're a vegetarian you can look forsupplements if you liked the video giveit a thumbs up and share it with yourfriends for more recipes and tipssubscribe to the channel[Music]

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