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Doctor: Hello Ma'amMa'am please tell since when you were suffering from tinnitus ?and in which ear you were having it?How your taking tinnitus treatment in Drspectra and since when you are taking it?Patient: its been six years since I am suffering from itIn the beginning, i started getting spinning attacks.. and after that only I felt tinnitus into my earbut after sometime I felt that my tinnitus is not there.. Since last 6 years I am having spinning attacksSince last three- four years my tinnitus got increasedThenI visited one of the doctorHe gave me medicines for VertigoPatient: and for tinnitus he suggested me this therapy.Doctor: what kind of sound you were getting in your ear?Patient: like pressure cookerlike that onlyDoctor: Were you getting it for the whole day?Patient: Yes, for the whole day..Doctor: Was it fluctuating in the morning or at night?Patient: When I don't use to concentrate I was not able to feel it..But i know it was thereDoctor: Ok..Doctor: Did you took any medications for it? Patient: Yes recently only I took medicinesTinnex capsule..Doctor: Ok.Doctor: Since when are you taking tinnitus treatment from Drspectra?What kind of treatment you are taking from us?Patient: I am taking tinnitus therapy from hereIts been 4 months since I am taking it.Doctor: Do you take this therapy in clinic or it has been suggested to take it at your home?Patient: I take this therapy at my home only, i have already purchased this machine two three time daily for 45 minutesDoctor: In percentage how much relief have you got from this therapy?Patient: 70%Doctor: 70%So, right now we are prescribing you that you have continue it for next 6 monthsSo ma'am are you happy?Patient: YesDoctor: Thank you so much ma'am

DrSpectra provides best proven tinnitus treatment based on nuromodulation principle through non invasive Innovation Tinnitus relief devices that is medically tested solution on 1000+ patients. We have more than 90% success rates. Contact us: 9817270270, For more details :

No products available.

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