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कान में आवाज का पूरी तरह इलाज / Tinnitus treatment

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Hello.....In DrSpectra, with the help of today's video,we will be sharing story of Damanjeet Singh.He used to get sharp whistling sound.When he used to wear turban or helmet,he used to get more of tinnitus.Let's listen in his own words,How much quality of life was disturbed due to tinnitus?What all treatment he took for it?What result he got after taking treatment from DrSpectra?Doctor: Hello Damanjeet,Damanjeet you are taking treatment from DrSpectra,since last 4-5 months.Patient: YesDoctor: So, according to you,you have relief from tinnitus.But you tell how your tinnitus problem started?How much improvement do you find in your tinnitus?For tinnitus,did you search any thing about it online?How much your quality of was disturbed?Patient: It started 2 years back, when i started to gym.Then I started taking gainers.Because of it my tinnitus got started.Its been 2 years since I am suffering from tinnitus.I went for MRI also because of tinnitus.But my report came normal.They were saying everything is normal.But I know i was having problem,and feeling irritated. I went to Neuro surgeon,I also consulted him.I went to ENT doctor also,I also consulted himI also took medicines for it.But there was no relief from it.I got fed up from it.I was not able to concentrate on my job also.I was able to enjoy my life.I was having a feeling that my tinnitus will never be treated.Because I was not able to concentrate on anything. My mind was totally focusing towards tinnitus.Doctor: What kind of were you getting?Patient: I was having tinnitus in my right ear.It was very irritating. The sound was kind of a bell.It was like a cracking sound.Doctor: Ok..Doctor: Due to tinnitus were you any other problem like head heaviness or headache?Patient: Yes, it was there when my tinnitus got started.There were spinning attacks.I though it will get reduced with the help of medicine.That's why I visited to many doctors. Doctor: What doctor used to say?Patient: Before coming over here, the last doctor i visited told me to take this treatment, if still your tinnitus is there. Then it cannot be treated.That's why I took his medicines for three months.I took those medicines But still there was no results.He said it will get settled naturally Then I dropped all my medicines.Then I searched online,for tinnitus problem.Then I got to know about DrSpectra.After thatI visited over here.Doctor: Ok tell one thing,you were turban, right?Patient: Yes..Doctor: When you visited us for the first time, you told us that, when you wear turban, you feel more of tinnitus.That's why you like to be in casual. What all problem were you facing?Actually ma'am, due to turban my ears used get blocked.Because of it, I used to feel more of tinnitus.I used to get irritated because of it.Normally also it was irritating.But with turban, my ears used to get blocked and my tinnitus used to get increased. My mind used get disturbed because of it.I was not able to concentrate on work.Then I visited to your clinic.I started taking your treatment.It's been 5 months since I am using tinnitusrelief device.and now I have 95% relief from it.5% sound is still there.Doctor: Now if you wear turban, do you still get tinnitus with it?Patient: Currently I am focusing more on my work.So I do not focus on my tinnitus.Earlier when my tinnitus sound was more,at that time my mind was diverted.Since, my tinnitus sound got reduced,I can focus on my work.Even sometimes I used to forgot that I was suffering from tinnitus.If in my free time, I think about it.Only then I used to feel my tinnitus sound.Doctor: So your 5% sound is there when you think about it.Patient: Yes...only in my free time.Doctor: You also told me earlier that you did not feel like going to your office,because of tinnitus.Currently is it the same situation?Patient: No, now its not the same situation. Even I feel better.Doctor: You feel now you are happy in your life?Patient: yes..Doctor: You went for audiometery test and MRI.You consulted ENT doctors and neurosurgeon. Patient: Yes..Doctor: But you didn't got any relief.While taking therapy, did you face any kind of a problem?Patient: No, I didn't face any problem while taking therapy.It is easy to carry.I did not feel any irritation while taking therapy.I felt relaxed while taking it.While taking therapy you can watch T.V.You can read also.Doctor: So you take this therapy while doing your work.Patient: Yes ma'am...Doctor: In this therapy, you just need to switch on the device,and plug the earphones into your ear.Patient: Yes ma'am...As you told me, I don't focus on my tinnitus.Doctor: For how much time you were taking this therapy?Patient: I started with 30 min of therapy.Now I am taking it for 10 min, two times a day.Volume has also gone down,around 25dB.Earlier it was very high.Doctor: Earlier it was around 60dB-70dB.Now, it is 25dB.Patient: Yes..Doctor: Ok daman....You are one of our youngest patientwho feels 95% improvement tinnitus.and you feel rest of the 5%, will also get improved.Do you want that other patients like you who search alot on google and it has been written over therethat it cannot be treated.Tinnitus is not curable.Do you want to give any message to them?I just want to say that,If you visit to DrSpectra,101% you will get relief from tinnitus.Like I took lot of medicines and there are side effects of it.But there is no side effect of this therapy.The device is easy to use.So according to me, if you use this device you will get 101% relief. Doctor: Thank you so much Daman.

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