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Tinnitus Relief After 40 Years

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[Music]I'm pretty not sure how long I neededhere days because it's one of thosethings that just kind of progresses butI would imagine for about ten years Iwouldn't need that needed them and justnever you know put it off because it wastoo expensive all the stories you hearI had an injured my ear so I was sixteenI love to shoot target and earprotection slipped out and for I'm 58now so since I was 16 I've had thisringing in my ears but just gotprogressively worse and finer thissummer my wife said we're just going todo something and I'm a teacher too andit was getting very difficult to hearthe students which when you're a teacheryou know you don't want to ignore astudent now the fine I was ignored somestudents were trying to get my attentionthis could hear and so we came and gotthe hearing aids and it's just like awhole new world the rain is definitelygoing way down and at times it's justgoing completely you know when I'm therein silence I mean you pick it up but ifit's completely silenced but I can heareven when the bringing is there it's notas bad and I can still hear through it Ican hear conversations I can hear peoplewith low-pitched voices and normallycouldn't hear I can hear through thenoise a very cell on that say I'm sorrywould you say excuse me which makes mefeel a lot better and it just feels likethe whole world is open back up to meagain and if you're thinking I givehearing aids do it you cannot afford notto[Music]

Marion of Easley, South Carolina shares his story about needing hearing and tinnitus treatment and how he is doing after treatment with us at Elevate Audiology, 29642. There is hope for those suffering with tinnitus and hearing aids can be the answer for many.

No products available.

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