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How I Cope With My Tinnitus | 20 Natural Tinnitus Treatments That Work For Me


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hey guys welcome back to my channel myname is Kate and if you're new herethank you so much for stopping by I makevideos every week on how to make yourlife a little bit happier a little bithealthier and a little bit moresustainable so if that sounds likesomething you're interested in considersubscribing so you can join us next timeas well but I did take about four weeksoff from filming and I thought it wouldbe really fitting to make my first videoback all about why I needed to take thattime off not to mention for the lasthalf of those four weeks I needed tosend my computer away to Apple so theycould fix it and I didn't have any wayto edit videos so that was like apointless two weeks anyways but for thefirst two weeks I had to really take abreak and figure out what was going onwith my ears for those of you that don'tknow I work in the music industry at arecord label and a large part of my jobinvolves loud live music and going toshows I've been going to show since Iwas in eighth grade or high school and Iloved like alternative rock emo screamometal really loud music and I've neverhad any problem with my ears I would goto show it's all the time be in thefront be by the speakers listen to a lotof music so it never really occurred tome to ever wear earplugs to show and onAugust 11th one of our artists had areally big headlining stadiums show herein Nashville and I had to go work theshow and make sure everything wentsmoothly since I had plannedmost of like the VIP suites for thewhole tour this was a really big date ofthe tour because it wasNashville and it's one of the biggestcities for music and media partners tocome to so we really had to make sureeverything that went really welland so I was running around for most ofthe day backstage upstairs in the venuemaking sure the Suites were set up allof the guests had what they needed thecatering went off to a good start anyVIPs that had trouble getting in or hadtrouble getting to where they needed togo we had to sort that out and justmaking sure that my bosses were takencare of so that they could take care oftheir partners and you know do businesson the show any of you guys I have everworked events know that at a certainpoint you've done all there is to do andyou can just kind of let the event takeplace until it's time to wrap everythingup at the end so at that point I wentdownstairs to the pit area and from thestage and watched the show with mycoworkershad a good time about 30 minutes inmaybe I started to notice my ears were alittle bit sore like if you've everlistened to your headphones like yourear buds for a little too long andnotice how your ears we're kind ofhurting and you needed to stop that'skind of how it felt so I went upstairsto the press box area and was watchingthe show from above and it's definitelya lot quieter a lot easier on the earsand I had a little like stop to smellthe roses moment it's the first artistof the size on this caliber I've everworked for the first project I've everdone from like inception to completionfor a whole summer long tour it wasamazing experience and just watching thesea of people like loving this artistthat I'm lucky enough to work withjust kind of like a really cool moment Istarted tearing up I was like oh my godI'm so lucky so I had my little momentand then I went downstairs finishedwatching the show with my co-workers myears felt better it's still a littlesore but yeah whateverwent down I wasn't standing near anyspeakers I was in the back of the pitlike I thought it was fine we went homemy boyfriend a friend over they wereplaying video games I didn't noticeanything if I felt totally normal Ididn't actually notice anything untilthe next day we did like a bunch ofchores around the house then we got inthe car and went to the range and any ofyou guy that I've ever been to a rangeknow that it's a very strict rule youhave to wear ear and eye protection oryou're not allowed to be there so assoon as I put my earplugs all I couldnotice was this really loud ringingnoise that I had never heard before Iknew it was tinnitus because it's areally common thing with musicians and Ibet it was noise induced from the show Iworked the previous night and I wasreally nervous and scared it was all Ican think about for the next you knowcouple weeks and it's still verybothersome for those of you that havetinnitus you know that's really annoyingit's this for me anyways this constantloud like but really high-pitched andreally really loud and it never goesaway here in both ears but this ear is alot louder than the other ear and soafter the first few days of noticing itgot a lot worse actually I had to takelike a day and a half off work I had towork from home I couldn't focus I had tosleep a lot I was crying a lot because Ithought it was gonna be this loud andthis bad forever and there was nosolution to it it really sucked becausethen after I waited a few days and wentto the doctor the only advice the doctorhad for me was to wait and see whathappensand come back to see us in a year if itdoesn't go awaya year a year of just waiting to seewhat happens dealing with this annoyingthese crap bringing any of you that havebeen to an audiologist for tinnitus knowthat it's so frustrating because theyhave no help for you there's no hopewith them you know at least they couldoffer you some sort of solution maybebut nope just wait and see what happensso I had to do a lot of research on myown and figure out what works for me sothis past month of living with tinnitusI really found some things that havehelped me cope with it a lot so if youguys are just now struggling withtinnitus or you happen for a really longtime hopefully this video might be ableto give you some insight on how to helpyourself or a friend or family memberthat's dealing with it and maybe giveyou some ideas that you hadn't thoughtof before so let's get in to 20 thingsthat have really helped me manage mytinnitus I only hear it about you know10 percent of the time now which isreally nice and when I do hear it'snowhere near as painful as it used to bethe first few days after gettingtinnitus my ears were really sore andthey did kind of hurt it was like anyother injury and one of the things Inoticed that really helped was takingcold showers I would take them rightbefore bed and it would really soft inthe noise before I went to sleep so Iwas able to not be in as much painbefore going to sleepsecond thing along the lines of that isice cubes and it's kind of cringy but itreally really helped and what I would dois I would go into the freezer grab anice cube and kind of run the water overit to whittle it down to about earplugsize and then what I would do is I wouldhold my ear this way and put the icecube in my ear like an ear plug justhold it there and make sure your head istilted this way so no water gets in yourear but I would leave that there as longas I could stand it and let my ears kindof get numbthen I would switch to the other sidethe same thing with another ice cube andI'm telling you this worked like a charmthis made my ears quiet down so so muchwhere it was actually almost kind ofeasy to ignore so doing those two thingsbefore bed it really helped me get somepeace before going to sleep and me goingto sleep a lot easier because it wasn'tas loud the next thing is I'm going totalk about have to do with diet Inoticed the diet plays a big part for mein how my tinnitus is doing that day soone of the big things that really reallychanged everything was no alcoholanother big part of my job is going toevents where there's alcohol present andeverybody's drinking and I just noticedthe first event I did after I got mytinnitus and had a few drinks I camehome and it was violently ill to thepoint where I have never been that illafter drinking two or three drinksin my entire life I felt horrible and myears were just raging the loudest theyhave ever been since I just got tinnitusit was horribleso I'm not drinking again another thingis no caffeine or lowering your caffeineintake this is really important for mebecause I used to drink caffeine all thetime and I noticed as soon as I cut outcaffeine my tinnitus got a lot betternow that it's at a more manageable levelI'm starting to incorporate caffeinatedbeverages back into my life a little bitso that way I can kind of like test howthey interact with my tinnitus and Iknow if I drink a certain amount it'snot going to hurt my ears that much orI'm you know able to trade off thebenefits of a little bit louder ringingversus having energy so I'm able to dothat cost-benefit analysis but for thefirst beginning stages of tinnitus or ifyou notice that your tinnitusaffected by caffeine definitely cut itout all togetheranother thing is clean eating is soimportant I was kind of eating just alot of processed foods beforehand I tryto be as healthy as possible but I justloved myselfthe vegan junk food I absolutely lovedit so what I did was I changed thePreferences on my meal planning serviceto be clean eating only so it's a lot ofproduce low salt low oil low sugar nojunk so that was really important for meand I noticed that as soon as I starteddoing that that my ears got a lot betteras well just changing my diet has reallyreally helped my body perform and Ithink I noticed nourishing myself ishelping my body heal I also startedtaking some vitamins that have beenknown to help with tinnitus so I take ab-complex vitamin now I should be doingthat anyways as a vegan so I take thatnow plus I also take a calcium magnesiumand zinc vitamin it's all three in onepill and you take it three times a daybut at least that's the one that I haveso I just take it with every meal andthat has also done some good things forme I believe the next two things havereally really helped and that isgeranium essential oil and reflexologynow I went to go see my reflexologistafter I got diagnosed with tinnitusbecause I had a feeling that it mighthelp and I promise you if you've neverdone reflexology give it a try becauseit was so worth it for me after my 60minute session of reflexology it was thefirst time in two weeks that I haveheard pure silence my ringing has comeback and it's still constant level butafter that session for a brief brieftime I had silenceamazing you guys don't know whatreflexology is it is a targetedacupressure hand or foot massage it'stypically feet but it can also be on thehands and basically just likeacupuncture it believes that thatcertain parts of your hand and your feetcorrespond to different parts of yourbody might be a psychosomatic effect butthe first time I've ever heard silenceafter getting tinnitus another thing myreflexologist shared with me is that Ishould try out geranium essential oiland not just the fact that it makes yousmell great I have had more complimentsin the past month that I smell amazingafter using this geranium essential oilevery day but I have had in my entirelifedrop some in my hand rub it togetherbreathe it in and then I'll apply it todifferent areas my back of my neck andI'll hover it over my ears for a littlebit and I don't know what it is it'sjust very relaxing something else tofocus on my reflexologist said that it'sknown to have helped with ear problemsso take that for what it is anotherthing I started doing that I think mightbe helping is Gua Sha I'll link a videodown below if you want to learn a littlebit more about that but it's basicallyjust a way of massaging in your skinproducts it's an ancient like Chinesetechnique of doing things I think and itkind of helps drain things from yourface and helps increase blood flow I'venoticed a change in my skin a lot sincedoing it as well so consider that I'lllink a video down below if you want tolearn more about washa now I'm not adoctor and if you're taking this pieceof advice you should do so with cautionyou should consult your doctor first andyou should make sure you're healthyenough to do it I'm not telling you todo this this is just something that hashelped me a lot so I want to make thatvery very clear do not do this if youdon't think you can do it if your doctortells you not to do it you should askyour doctor before doing it just knowthat ahead of time but the next thingthat has really drastically helped isdry fasting and dry fasting as opposedto regular fasting or water fasting iswhen you do noteat anything or drink anything for aperiod of time so what I would do is Iwould eat normally one day and stopeating at 8 p.m. and I wouldn't eatuntil 8 p.m. the next day and after 8p.m. the next day I would just eat likea very light meal and then the next dayI would eat is normal and I would dothat two times a week and this reallyhelped at the onset of my tinnitus and Ihaven't really done it this past weekbut when I have done it I've noticedthat the following day my ears get a lotbetter and the theory behind it dryfasting is that it helps your body gointo a regenerative mode very quicklyand can help your body repair its cellsso that's something that you shouldconsider it really really helped lowerthe intensity in my tinnitus I believeand I think I'm gonna try it again nextweek to see if it helps lower it evenmore because right now I'm at a reallygood spot where I don't hear my tinnitusthat much I'll send you an update if youguys want that but that has definitelybeen something that I think has changedthe healing process for me so it's allyour doctor before doing it but dryfasting is something to consider anotherthing that has really helped me I thinkis this smoothie that I drink forbreakfast every morning and I have forthe past two weeks when I haven't beenable to notice my tinnitus as much is apeach ginger raspberry smoothie sobasically I just take my nutribullet andI put one peach one banana maybe like aquarter cup of frozen raspberries someginger the juice of one lime or onelemon and then either some orange juiceor some almond milk and I blend that alltogether and that is just so nourishingto me I think it tastes so goodit makes me feel really good and I thinkit just sets me up for success that dayso I recommend finding a good smoothierecipe if you guys have a grab a greennear you I really love their feelingsulis smoothie it's got kale and cucumberand avocado and like all of theseamazing green vegetables in it and ittastes delicious I don't know what theyput in it to make it taste delicious butit's very clean they don't put anyfiller or grill stuff in their smoothiesso that's also a good option as wellanother thing that has really helped meis prioritizing sleep so I've beentrying to go to bed at 10:00 p.m. everynight and then sleeping as much aspossible until the next morning and Ithink giving your body the adequate timeto recharge and regenerate also reallyhelps also sleeping is great becausewhile you're asleep you don't noticeyour ringing you're having troublesleeping is doing sleep hypnosis orsleep meditation if you look up onYouTube sleep hypnosis or sleepmeditation there are so many videos ofguided meditations that are supposed tohelp you fall asleep and I will link myfavorite one down below but basicallyit's maybe like an hour long and I'lljust leave it on my phone on the bedsidetable when it's time to go to bed and Iwill listen to it and hypno fall asleepI don't know if it's just helpful tofocus on something else other than theirringing but listening to the guidedmeditation and the nice music and itkind of helps to drown it out a littlebit and helps me fall asleep I woulddefinitely recommend trying that out ifyou're having trouble getting to sleepthe next two are very common tips fortinnitus but they should not bediscounted because they really do helpand that is getting busy and stayingdistracted so you have something else tofocus on and having white noise aroundyou as much as possible I don't noticemy tinnitus at all when I'm driving whenI have the space heater on when I'm inthe kitchen cooking and the airconditioner is constantly going now Ionly notice itit's really really quiet so I wouldrecommend surrounding yourself with asmuch white noise that's not loud butthat's distracting enough so your brainhas something else to focus on and Iwould definitely do this as much aspossible when you first startexperiencing your tinnitus symptomsbecause I think part of itI think a lot of it happens in yourbrain and being able to focus your earson some other sound gonna train yourbrain to not focus on the ringing asmuch so that's really important butdefinitely surround yourself with whitenoise get distracted focus on a projectI've been really into zero waste livingso I've been doing as much researchabout that as possible and trying tominimize my impact on the environmenthaving something to get passionate aboutand focus on it's really helped distractme as well the next thing is very veryimportant especially if you're justdealing with it and that is to stopusing those little iPhone earbuds or anyheadphones that go directly into yourears stop using those for the time beingjust go cold turkey you can limit outthem for a month you can live withoutthem for two months stop using thembecause you're blasting noise into yourear at a level where your ears arealready hurt they're already trying toheal and you not need to be putting yourears under that kind of distress at alland if you do you may not ever recoverfrom your tinnitus so stop using thishorrible horrible like loud earbuds andif you do have to use them use them assoft as possible and use them sparinglyso take them out if you notice your earsstart to get stressed take them out ifyou notice they start to get sore at allbecause they are not good for your earsalong those lines wear ear protectioneverywhereI now have those little foam ear plugswith me 24/7I have pairs in the car I have pairs atmy desk at work I have pairs of mybackpack it have pairs in all of mypurses so that way I know if I'm everout and all of a sudden there's someloud noise there's construction menin a confined space in our parkinggarage for example or someone's blastingmusic in the office in the hallway likeif there's loud noises that youexperience that you can't always planfor it's always good to have thoselittle earbuds on they also want to talkto my HR department and since my earswere injured at a work event and mydoctor suggested I get those custom like$300 molded ear plugs I talked to themabout the possibility of work paying forthose and I found out that actually allnew hires get those ear plugs anyways soI'm just getting added to the list ofthe next group of people getting them soinstead of spending $300 on those crazyexpensive ear plugs I am going to begetting them for free and I'm gettingthem through my work it's just gonna betaking a longer time than I had expectedso for the time being I'm using the foamear plugs and that's totally fine to useif I were you but if you want to getthose more expensive one so that's whatyour doctor suggests and you work aroundthe music a lot goes to your employerand see if they will cover that cost foryou because it is really important andyou're hearing it's not something youshould mess with I will never take myhearing for granted again so alwaysalways always have earplugs on youeverywhere no matter where you gothey're your new best friend similarlymake sure to limit your loud noiseexposure I asked my coworker to stopusing her airhorn every day that I thinkhave contributed to why this ear is alot worse than this year because shesits on this side of me and the airhornis really loud the next thing I wouldsuggest to you guys is doing yoga ifyou've never tried yoga and doing somesort of physical activity to get yourbody moving and to get healthy I think abig part of healing your body fromtinnitus is also healing your body froma lot ofthey're ones that you have or the otherways that you're not treating your bodyas well so make sure you're gettingexercise yoga is just very stressrelieving for me and I think that's abig part of my tinnitus as well so ourrecommend you try that out and lastlysomething that might help you is thecommon hand technique that a lot ofpeople have shared are on YouTube or onreddit and that is when you take yourpointer finger and you cross it overyour middle finger on both hands thenyou take your hands oh my gosh that'shard my fingers aren't that flexible letme take your hands and cover your earsyou put your fingers back here and thenyou release your pointer finger and youdo that about 50 times some peoplethrough just 20 times but I typically doit 50 times and that can hopefullyprovide you some relief for temporary abit of time and for me it even helps meexperience silence or a little bit oftime and then it comes back so that issomething that might feel like a littlebit of a quick fix but definitely not apermanent one so thank you guys so muchfor watching I hope you enjoyed thisvideo I hope maybe it gave you someideas if you currently are dealing withtinnitus and you're trying things tohelp it not be as annoying or not aspainful these are the things that haveworked for me if you guys have otherthings that have worked for you pleaseleave them in the comment section belowso I can try them and so other peoplesuffering with tinnitustry them and of course if you have anyquestions or you just want to say heyfeel free to leave me a comment in thecomment section down below I alwaysrespond and I love to get to know youguys so thank you so much for watchingand I'll see you all next time[Music][Music]

Hey Guys! In this video, I talk about 20 Natural Treatments for Tinnitus that have really helped me get my ringing under control. If any of you are trying to get rid of tinnitus and have found some remedies or treatments that work, please share them in the comments section below so anyone else struggling with tinnitus can try them out!

DISCLAIMER: If you decide to try dry fasting, please consult with your doctor first.

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Arches Tinnitus Formula - Now with Ginkgo Max 26/7 - Natural Tinnitus Treatment for…

From Amazon

Sales Rank 26246 Arches Tinnitus Formulas

You deserve a better night's sleep, and a quieter and…
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