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Stop Tinnitus in 30 Seconds Massaging One Ancient Master Point – Dr Alan Mandell, DC

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welcome everyonetinnitus a major epidemic I've done manyvideos on this particular subject andit's a very hard condition to treatbecause there are so many differentvariables that potentially can causethis particular condition I want toshare a master auricular point thatmeans on the ear from Chineseacupuncturist who deal with tinnitusringing in the ears this is calledmaster sensorial a very dear friend ofmine a Chinese acupuncturist physicianhas been using this for over threedecades and I want to share it with youif you look here at the point the pointis right on the earlobe you can seeexactly where that point is and whatwe're gonna do is we're just going totake our thumb and our second finger andwe're gonna squeeze over that point okayon both sides of the ear and do bothears and I want you just to squeeze itas you squeeze it rub it in a circularfashioneither way this keeps stimulating itstimulating it stimulating it 30 secondsup to a minute do it as often as youwould like to so if you are having thisringing this buzzing this humming takeyour two fingers regardless of where youaregrab that point and just stimulate itand I will promise you that a greatmajority of you will see resultssomething safe something very effectiveI'm gonna share the many tinnitus videosthat I've done in the past in thedescription below please check those outremember this is all about self help ifwe can find something that's natural foryou that will work for you then it's aslam-dunksure this video on your social mediacheck me out motivational doc onFacebook I'll leave your comments belowand make it a great dayI'm dr. Alan Mandelyou

Millions of people experience tinnitus in different degrees, some are louder than others. It is a very annoying condition that affects us in many psychological ways. This technique that I am sharing is very simple and has helped many people. I hope this can help control your tinnitus when needed. Below I have attached several of my other videos for you to view. Blessings…Dr Mandell

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