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welcome everyone dr. Mandel heremillions of people worldwide aresuffering from tinnitus ringing in theears as well as many others who havevertigo sinus problems or even chronicneck conditions well here is a techniquethat I want to share with you todaysomething that you've never seen thatcan maybe do miracles for you I knowthat tinnitus can make you miserablethat hissing that buzzing that clickingsound it just affects your life doesn'tallow you to sleep doesn't allow you toconcentrate I've done many videos ontinnitus and some of those videos havedone miracles for some and other videoshave done miracles for others that's whyI came out with this technique becausethis technique may help you there aremany causes of tinnitus like loud musicover a long time sinuses or congestionthat affecting the station troops thatgo to the middle ear problems in thecochlea with the hair cellsthat's not communicating correctlythrough the cochlear nerve to the brainareas behind the skull or in the TMJ canall affect tinnitus what's exciting tome that I want to share with you is thatwe're gonna take the same concept oftapping behind this goal which hashelped millions of people but we'regonna do something much more creativethat I discovered so I will speak frommy own experience as well as the manyother people that I have uses techniqueon by sending this mechanical vibratoryenergy along with sound to stimulate theoccipital nerves the brain as well asareas throughout the face that can passnew miracles for you so what is reallyinteresting is by using a specificrhythm or beat a frequency that we'regonna use behind the skull thatpotentially can make big changes what'sbeautiful about this technique it's safenothing invasive by stimulating nervesthrough mechanical vibratory energy wehopefully can make changes if this helpsyou then you're blessed and if itdoesn't see my other videos on tinnitusbecause hopefully one of those will solet me show you how simple thistechnique is most important is therhythm this is how you're going to tapthe spoon on top of the other try to doit in that rhythm so if you look atthese three X's those are the areaswe're going to place the spoon over thespoon the open side of the spoon thatyou use is going to be against the skinbecause we're going to be tapping theback part of the spoon so I'll take thetop part of the spoon and put it overthe left suboccipital region like thisand then we'll tap for ten seconds likethis then we'll move it to the centerthen to the rightnow what's exciting about this techniqueis that you can experience manydifferent neurological changesimmediately like changes in theparanasal sinus possible vertigo changeswhere you feel more balanced you feelmore sharp your thinking is more clearyou may notice that the tinnitus is notnear as loud so it does make sense toallow the body to try to heal naturallywithout the use of drugs or anythinginvasive that can damage anything ormake conditions worse we know that forevery symptom there's a causeso whatever scent that you're goingthrough the brain is not getting theright communication signal to where it'scoming from so if we can send stimuli tothose areas as well as the brain andhopefully reset the brain your symptomsmay start to dissipate most of theseconditions are chronic so be patientgive your body time to heal rememberthat the power that made you is the samepower that heals you so be patient staypositive and I hope this makes a changein your life I ask you to share this onyour social media so we can help othersmost important make it a great day I'mdr. Alan Mandel

There are many different causes of tinnitus (ringing, hissing, clicking, and roaring sounds). Even the best doctors and professors today, still do not have a cure for tinnitus. Instead of putting dangerous drugs and medications into your body, it’s more logical to try safe alternative methods. This technique is based on tapping, an older method that has been successful for many people. When tapping with two spoons, we can utilize mechanical energy, vibration, and sound together. Sending more stimulation at one time, we can hopefully reset the brain.

Kindly share this video on your social media so we can educate others worldwide. I wish many Blessings to you and your loved ones! Dr. M โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™

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